Hello and welcome, I’m Heather a Master NLP+® Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner of Time Line Resourcing® and a Master Personal Evolutionary Coach. Specialising in Menopause, Weight Management, Mid-Life Crisis Coaching and Pathway Coaching a unique goal setting program.

I am so delighted you found me. Being here and reading this is a sign you want to embrace this new phase of your life.

Whether you are struggling with Hormones reeking havoc with your emotional and physical health.

You feel life has come to a halt now you are moving into menopause and the symptoms are changing your personality and making you feel yuk.

Struggling to manage your weight, fed up of the endless cycle of loosing weight, it creeping back on and more, want to make changes for health reasons or have suddenly found yourself with a mid-life spread that won’t budge.

Think you are going mad as you feel you are having a mid-life crisis.

Feeling stuck, that past life issues are holding you back. Not sure how to unlock potential and move forward. Here is the right place for you!

Choose to make the changes needed!

Would you like to be more confident, less anxious, find your purpose? Say goodbye to self-limiting beliefs and negative emotion. Manage the symptoms of peri/ menopause.


My Story

Like many women I have struggled with my weight since I was young and I am the ultimate YO-YO dieter. I have tried most diets out there and have found some that work. I loose a lot of weight but it creeps back on and I start the process all over again. As well as being really demotivating it has also lead to health issues associated with dramatic weight loss and YO-YO dieting. When I discovered NLP & Hypnotherapy one of my goals was to find a program that would not only help me manage my weight but deal with the route causes of my eating and lack of motivation for exercise and give me the tools for long term weight management. NO MORE YO – YO DIETING or associated health issues.

One of these health issues culminated in the shock news eight years ago that I needed an urgent hysterectomy. I was so focused on the operation it didn’t even register with me that it would bring on the menopause. So, when I started getting symptoms within a couple of weeks of the operation I was floored, confused and yes, a little angry. After consulting my GP and rejecting Hormone replacements. I started researching alternatives and actually at the time found there were very few choices.

Then I Discovered

Having explored many alternatives including natural supplements, essential oils, healing and reiki all of which had some benefit. A friend recommended I try Neuro Linguistic Programming® (NLP+) and Hypnotherapy. I was sceptical as I knew little about hypnotherapy and certainly didn’t want to quack like a duck and what I knew about coaching is that it is a long term process. How wrong was I, within 6 sessions, not only were all my physical symptoms banished, my mental health had dramatically improved. Working through my issues to get to the route cause and deal with limiting beliefs. Now I have a new lease of life and a new passion.

I now get the privilege of sharing that passion with women facing similar life turmoils.

I am working on living my very best life. It has taken a lot of self-reflection and courage to create the life I am comfortable with. One full of joy and adventure and inner contentment. You can too. It is never too late.

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My journey through Menopause has been horrendous, and meeting Heather has been a breath of fresh air when it comes to talking 3rd Age health. Her compassion and knowledge has been second to none, and I have benefited enormously from the sessions we have had so far. If you are feeling lost, misunderstood and unheard through this stage of your life I would HIGHLY recommend that you have a chat with Heather, and learn about how you can have a more compassionate and healing journey…it doesn’t all have to be about HRT!

Debi R

When I came to Heather I was suffering with low confidence and self esteem and procrastination. After going through the personal evolution sessions with Julie she helped clear all my negative emotions, limiting beliefs/decisions and installed and strategies for the future.. I found the hypnosis session especially useful.. these sessions have totally changed my life.. I’m a different woman.. I now confident and I stepping out of comfort zone more and more each day.. life changing thank you Heather

Julie B