Making Menopause A Positive Experience.

I love the message in this article from The North American Menopause Society. I am a great believer that protecting our emotional health protects our physical health.

Make Your Menopause a Positive Experience
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If you’re approaching the age of menopause, you may be unsure, or even a little fearful, of what to expect. The idea of menopause has long held negative connotations in our society, largely tied to stigmas of aging, but the transition to menopause can be a time of reflection and inspiration. It’s a normal and natural part of a woman’s life, and a period of life that can be just as well lived as earlier stages.

Menopause is a time of great change and it’s definitely a time of choice and should really be about finding out what you want. The attitude with which you embark upon this transition can have a tremendous impact on your experience of it, as well as on your choice of behaviors. Many of the changes that come with menopause and aging aren’t avoidable, but how you experience menopause and the years that follow has much to do with your attitude. Far from being the end of life, you may find menopause to be a new beginning, one that can be lived richly, fully, and in good overall health. Knowing the spectrum of what’s a normal experience may help ease your concerns and help you to prepare for what’s to come.

The following tips can help you transform your menopause experience.
Watch Your Thoughts
There is growing evidence that the absence of positive thoughts has a greater negative impact on our health and well-being than does the presence of negative ones.
Laughter brings us closer to people, moves us into more positive mind-sets, can stimulate our immune system, enhance our learning and memory, and help us cope better with the stressors in our lives. Laughter is a great menopause help.

Make Time for Yourself
Exercise, eat right, and incorporate relaxation techniques into your day. This practice moves you out of the stress response, which is harmful to our health. When women actually make themselves a priority (even 15 minutes a day), dramatic changes can occur.
Stay Connected
Social support is key to health and can even help you live longer. It is one of the first pieces of advice women share.
Stay in the Moment
Try to be mindful (aware and present) of each and every moment of your life. This practice prevents you from worrying about the future (often fraught with anxiety) or dwelling on the past (often tinged with regret). Combine positive thoughts, a healthy lifestyle, and relaxation techniques.

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