When Mid-Life or Menopause hits us it can be like we have hit a brick wall. All of the luggage we have picked up as we have traveled through life being conditioned by our surroundings, up bringing, relationships, experiences. They are all packed away influencing our present and future.

So why let your past hold you back? Time Line Therapy gets to the route cause of ANGER, SADNESS, FEAR, HURT, STRESS & GUILT. Releases it so you have a clear unconscious authentic mind which will empower you to face life your way, face challenges without the encumbrance of the past and make the best choices for you!

This one off powerful session will

Release unwanted emotions

We will address your wants for the future

Leave you invigorated and free from your past encumbrances

Allow you to choose your path forward with clarity

Investment £225 (installment plan available)

You are your biggest asset so when it comes to time and money YOU should be your biggest investment

Not happy with the out come of your session within 30 days of your session then you will receive a full refund under my 30 day full satisfaction guarantee.