If you are one of many women who struggle with weight management. Have you tried numerous diets? Do you struggle maintaining weight loss? Are you a YO-YO dieter? Or are Hormones having a negative effect on your waistline? Whether its baby weight, midlife or menopause then my bespoke weight management program may be the answer. Emotional, stress Eater or Compulsive Eater then NLP, Time Line Resourcing and Hypnotherapy can be the answer you have been looking for.

There is no doubt that Hypnotherapy and NLP can achieve weight loss and management for many individuals suffering from being over-weight. In the UK the number of over-weight people is growing year on year therefore many are turning to Hypnotherapy for help. Most people eat for comfort or to relieve stress and gradually these habits can become a life-long battle. The usual scenario is an individual begins a diet for a certain period of time however 95% of people end up gaining the weight back and some more!

The difference between roller-coaster diets and permanent weight loss is purely psychological. Diets achieve only temporary gains and losses. With hypnosis and NLP coaching you can begin to think differently and therefore behave differently. Hypnotherapy can identify the reasons why you are over eating/ comfort eating and begin to fix the problem. All of the emotions, whether they be stress, anxiety, depression can be addressed resulting in the changes to your eating pattern being permanent rather than simply based on temporary willpower. Through hypnotherapy you can learn to look at food and exercise differently and permanently . The reason why most diets fail is because they don’t get to the root of the problem. 

Hypnotherapy weight management programs detect the unwanted habits and begin to break them down to bring about a new way of thinking and motivation. Only with this way of thinking does permanent change come about. Only when you release past frustrations, habits and limiting self belief patterns and install new thinking patterns can you achieve long term weight management.

We will work together to either develop a bespoke package to address your unique needs or I have a small specialist group programs which specifically address YO-YO dieting, Hormonal weight gain and emotional eating if you prefer the support of others who understand your frustrations.. This is not a quick fix such as a virtual gastro band. It is a 10-12 week program that will install the tools you need to live a healthy balanced lifestyle and includes a maintenance plan and a support community where I will also be available to provide the long term support needed. Or you feel you would benefit from a more intensive one on one ultimate breakthrough program they are all amazing programs which provide guaranteed value and results.

Not sure which would suit you best we can discuss the options on your FREE discovery call.