A mid-life is characterized by the realization that one’s lifespan is likely halfway complete, which can bring on existential questions related to one’s identity, purpose, as well as deep reflection regarding the life that one has chosen and may wish to have, moving forward.

Do Women Go Through a Midlife Crisis?

Studies have shown that women are not immune to going through a midlife crisis, and yet the experience is markedly different for a woman than for a man. A midlife crisis for a woman may occur anytime in midlife, with age 40 being the start of this developmental period. Women’s midlife crises, however, are often the culmination of a multitude of co-occurring stressors, including health or medical issues, holding caregiving roles both for children and for aging parents, and losses related to death or divorce.

Whether you feel stuck in the past, bored, overwhelmed, want to make a big change, have sleep problems or mood swings. What ever the issues we will work together to develop a bespoke action plan using the interventions that will suit your needs best. So that you can move on and life your best live. What are the signs of a mid-life crisis.

A midlife crisis is not something you have to navigate alone.