I am delighted to be able to share with you my new on line and virtual group programs. I have taken feed back from members of my groups and clients. I have then developed a selection of short online programs which will help you understand the issue being addressed and give you the techniques needed to help relieve the issue.

Along with accessible online programs it was highlighted that although 1-1 coaching can be very enlightening and helpful at addressing needs. A number of those asked about what they would like to see in an ideal world suggested group online programs over a few months with a selection of online tasks, videos and live sessions. It was felt that the lives will not only give great results but also build a community which can give support long term.

So I have launched my first online program the Metabolism Boost, details below and I will be launching my program for managing Hot Flushes at the beginning of October. With the group programs Menopause Breakthrough and Weight Management for Cycle Dieters opening for registration later this year.

Click on images below for more information.