1.Depression or Increased Depressive Behaviours

Midlife for women is a time in which there can be increased depression and this period of life is characterized as having higher levels of suicide compared to other life stages.

2. Reflection on Deep Questions or Preoccupation With Existential Concerns

Because of the stark realisations  that someone has at midlife, a woman may find herself questioning her life choices such as her romantic partner, career, or choices related to becoming (or not having become) a mother.

3. Sleep Problems

Sleep changes can be a sign that a woman is entering into the midlife period. Some women report having difficulty sleeping due to restlessness, not being able to switch the mind off or hot flashes.

4. Sense of Boredom or Apathy

Perhaps it’s not depression, but someone may find themselves with a general feeling of ambivalence in the midlife period which may manifest as boredom, apathy, or a lack of motivation.

5. Contemplating a Big Change

If you find yourself contemplating making big changes in your personal or professional life, this could be a sign that you are approaching a midlife crisis.

6. Fixating on “Days Gone By”

A preoccupation with the experiences you had during your younger years or wanting to relive experiences specific to other periods of your life could indicate discomfort with midlife.

7. Desire to Change Physical Appearance

Similar to longing for previous years of one’s life, a woman in a midlife crisis may find herself focusing on her appearance and finding ways to look younger, either through dress or through making physical changes to hairstyle, considering surgical procedures, or simply exploring her attitude toward making cosmetic changes.

8. Extreme Feelings of “Overwhelm”

Though there are inevitably stressors at any time of life, the “clustering” effect of multiple role stressors can contribute to significant feelings of stress or overwhelm by women in midlife.

9. Emotional Volatility

Changes in ability to handle emotions and having emotions that present as intense one moment and dull the next could indicate signs of a midlife crisis in a woman. If your previously easy going ways have been replaced by feeling volatile or too easily triggered, you may be experiencing midlife concerns.

Some of the above are can be associated with menopause, but a midlife crisis may start years before you enter menopause and can occur in women who medical or gender reassignment reasons won’t experience menopause.