Time Line Therapy is a powerful therapeutic process that has evolved from hypnosis and NLP. This technique help you let go of negative emotions, self limiting beliefs, eliminate anxiety. Resolve conflicts and place goals in your future to create a really compelling life.

It’s often very difficult for us to change unhelpful and limiting thoughts and behaviours. However, there are techniques available that provide the key. An opening into the unconscious mind, the part of the mind where change takes place. NLP, Time Line Therapy and hypnotherapy are each profound, effective techniques in their own right, or when used in combination. They provide a highly supportive and motivational approach to guide and influence your thinking (and therefore behaviour) at a deep level.

Of the 3  techniques, the least well known is probably Time Line Therapy. Time Line Therapy was born out of NLP and hypnotherapy techniques and is also known as Time Line Therapy. Time Line Therapy reaps the benefits of the specialist language sets developed in NLP and hypnotherapy. As well as providing a unique method to eliminate, not merely manage, unwanted emotions and beliefs. Furthermore, Time Line Resourcing®️ can be used to drive the unconscious mind towards a set of desired goals and remove inexplicable pain.

Time Line Therapy is powerful, yet gentle and effective in being able to remove fully the negative emotions attached to events in the past.

In terms of a therapeutic aid, Time Line Therapy is achieved without having to explore the negative and painful memories from the past . This is an important difference between Time Line Therapy and some other therapies. This provides a much more attractive solution to removing the stress, while in a safe and relaxed situation.

Time Line Therapy removes all the negative emotions such as anger, sadness, hurt, fear and guilt from our past, not only those associated with the trauma. Additionally, feelings of being unworthy or of low self-esteem can be eliminated. You will feel a weight is lifted, you will be more energised, have a more balanced outlook on the future and are able to get on with your live and unlock your potential.