Ultimate Personal Breakthrough

A NLP ULTIMATE Personal Breakthrough session is an intensive 1-1 coaching program to discover what holds you back and to eliminate it.

What is a Breakthrough Session?

If you are reading this It is highly likely that you feel that life isn’t what it could or should be. Maybe you are not satisfied with a particular area of your life. Feel stuck or that something is missing. That you are not reaching your full potential. You have a dream that you want to chase but something is holding you back. Issues from your past are having a negative effect on your present or future. Patterns will continue until they are broken. The ultimate Breakthrough gets to the route cause, eliminates it and replaces negative thought patterns and behaviours with positive ones. We will then use my unique Goal Pathway to set realistic goals and a pathway to how you will achieve them. Once set using Time Line Resourcing you will have the momentum to propel you to your desired future.

A breakthrough session is a client focussed, unique bespoke program designed around your personal needs to create momentum and expedite ultimate results. The program begins with gathering information around the area of life you want to address. Whether it be Menopause, Mid-Life, Weight Management or Breaking through issues that are stopping you from making life changes. Information gathering is done through a series of questions and tasks. The results can be illuminating and not always apparent. Once we have identified any prime concerns, limiting beliefs or other issues we will work together to eliminate them.

As well as being ideal if you want a more intensive, personalised solution for Menopause, Mid-Life or Weight Management they are also particularly helpful for

Stress, anxiety and depression.

Emotional Issues.

Feelings of abandonment.

Self Confidence.

Developing a sense of Inner Balance, self acceptance, motivation and direction.

A thorough life Audit.

How does a Personal Breakthrough Session Work

We make use of the world’s most powerful personal development mind technologies including neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Time Line Resourcing® (also known as Time Line Therapy®) and hypnotherapy. These techniques allow direct contact with the part of the mind that stores our emotions, memories and habits – the unconscious mind. Clients enter the session being aware of their conscious values and beliefs about themselves, but here we dig deeper, working on deeply unconscious values which drive your thinking and behaviour. By aligning your conscious and unconscious thought patterns, we are able to work towards your goal.

The sessions are very personalised and the nature and length can vary. Typically, a breakthrough program is approximately 5-8 hours, working one to one. After an initial complimentary consultation by phone or Zoom to discuss why you feel you need the program. After we both have agree the program is right for you and we are the right fit. We start the process with a set of questions designed to root out your thoughts and feelings, providing the underlying issues, as well as those that are surfacing. When a comprehensive overview of the issues has been compiled, we start to eliminate them, whilst always providing the mind with new resources and new perspectives; you gain clarity and enjoy ‘aha’ moments!

New strategies and achievable goals for the future are added to your tool-kit, together with the means to control future negative emotions and rebuff them. Armed with the new, empowering beliefs about yourself, and the resources to make sure they never return we will set your goals and and timescales for reach your ultimate goal and develop an accountability strategy and follow up support.

How Is The Program Delivered?

The program is online usually on zoom. As life is busy and time can be limited or you may need an immediate outcome the program can be delivered on a timescale suitable to your needs.

1 Day 5-8 hours with breaks as needed.

2 Days of 4-5 hours each day (Can be consecutive)

6-8 Sessions of approximately an hour over a time period to suit you.

Ongoing Support.

To ease your transition into your new beliefs and goals I offer ongoing support of 3 by monthly sessions. The timing of these sessions can be altered to fit your needs and if you feel you would benefit from a longer period of support this can be discussed. You will also have ongoing email support for as long as you feel you would benefit from it.

How much does an Ultimate Breakthrough Cost?

The investment depends on what outcomes you would like to achieve and the interventions and overall support needed. Investment will be between £2,200 and £3,000. Investment will be discussed after the initial consultation before you commit to the program.

You are your biggest asset so when it comes to time and money YOU should be your biggest investment.