I love working with women who have been through similar experiences to me. So I use my personal experience in struggling with hormonal balance, menopause and weight management and feeling stuck. Backed up with certification in these areas to develop programs that I can personalise to meet your individual needs. Using my skills as a certified Master Practitioner in (NLP) Neuro Linguistic Programming®. Master Hypnotherapy Practitioner and Master practitioner in Time Line Resourcing® (also know as Time Line Therapy®) and Certified Menopause Expert. Whether the symptoms of menopause (physical and emotional) are effecting your life. You are struggling to manage your weight, (Yo-Yo dieter, mid – life spread, life – time struggle or you want to improve your health). Work with me to achieve your goals.

Do you want to change the direction of an area of your life? Are you feeling stuck, have issues from the past that are holding you back or just have no idea where to start or what your real goals are? I have an unique program that combines NLP, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Resourcing® and the principles of Vision Boards and Goalsetting. We will work together to develop your unique Pathway in which ever area of your live that you wish to progress in and come up with a realistic implementation plan. To work with me see images below.

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All Things Menopause
Ultimate Weight Management
Mid-Life Recreation
Pathway to Life Success


My journey through Menopause has been horrendous, and meeting Heather has been a breath of fresh air when it comes to talking 3rd Age health. Her compassion and knowledge has been second to none, and I have benefited enormously from the sessions we have had so far. If you are feeling lost, misunderstood and unheard through this stage of your life I would HIGHLY recommend that you have a chat with Heather, and learn about how you can have a more compassionate and healing journey…it doesn’t all have to be about HRT!

Debi R

When I came to Heather I was suffering with low confidence and self esteem and procrastination. After going through the personal evolution sessions with Julie she helped clear all my negative emotions, limiting beliefs/decisions and installed and strategies for the future.. I found the hypnosis session especially useful.. these sessions have totally changed my life.. I’m a different woman.. I now confident and I stepping out of comfort zone more and more each day.. life changing thank you Heather

Julie B